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Flychain enables any company that has SMB customers and works with these customers in an operational or financial capacity to seamlessly launch their own white-labeled working capital program.

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Integrate Flychain and launch your own working capital program in under a day.

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Our partners trust us to provide working capital to their clients.

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why LAUNCH a capital program?

Add value across the lifecycle of your customers

Acquire new customers

Offer an additional value prop that most SMBs desperately need: working capital.

Retain your customers

Add a layer of stickiness to your platform. Repeat borrowers are less likely to churn.

Grow your customers

Support the growth of your customers and increase their LTV on your platform.


We add value at each iteration of your capital program.

Free to integrate

Prove out your capital program with no capital risk and minimal expense.

Generate revenue

Revenue share with Flychain and earn a percentage of successful deals.

Eventually become a lender

We'll help you set up your own debt facility so you can lend off your balance sheet.

Power your turn downs

Leverage our network of capital providers if certain businesses don't fit your debt facility's credit box.

Long term partners

From initial pilot to debt facility, we'll guide you through each iteration of your capital program.


Flexible integration options to meet your needs.


Test Flychain on a small segment of your customers without any engineering.


Copy and paste our code snippet into your platform to launch an application portal.


Proactively offer working capital to your customers within your own UI/UX.


Integrate our widget and launch an application portal.


Get your API keys

Read our API docs, which explain how to get your sandbox and production API keys.


Copy and paste our code snippet

Copy the code snippet from our API docs and paste it into your platform's codebase.


Go live

Your lending program is now ready to launch. Let us handle the complexity.

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