Unlock cash tied up in insurance claims

We enable healthcare providers to receive cash for their insurance claims instead of waiting weeks or months for payers to pay out claims.

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Improve your cashflow, grow your business

01 Get cash in the bank

Secure cash in the bank as soon as claims are submitted instead of waiting weeks or months for payers to pay.

02 Invest in your growth

More cash on hand means you can invest in your business’s growth like hiring more staff, expanding to a new location, or buying equipment.

03 Treat more patients

Provide quality care to more patients in your community by growing your business sustainably.

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Increase in billing volume over six months

Increase in revenue over six months

Average time from application to offer

How it works?

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Fill out our simple application (takes less than five minutes).

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Accept your offer and sign the agreement.

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Receive cash every week for newly submitted claims.

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Make repayments when claims pay out.

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Don't work with insurance?

We have a suite of working capital solutions for all providers.

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“Flychain has been a lifesaver for us as we were able to get our second location up and running. I wish we had found Flychain even earlier!”

John Langley
Founder & CEO Apex Home Health

"The Flychain team is extremely helpful and supportive. They were able to share an offer in 48 hours and I was able to receive my first advance within a week.”

Tammy Jackson
Owner at Fun 2B Free Therapy


Yes! We offer a suite of working capital solutions to support the growth of our providers including lines of credit, equipment financing, and drug purchase financing. See here for a full overview of the products we offer and please don’t hesitate to reach out - we’d love to chat!

We support all commercial and public payers, including national, local, self-funded, Medicaid, etc.

Yes! You can select which payers you would like to receive upfront payment on claims for and you can update this selection at any time.

Once you’ve filled out our application, we can get an offer out to you in a matter of days (usually within 48 hours). Once you’ve accepted the offer, you’ll start receiving funds in your bank account every week.

The fee that we charge depends upon our historical analysis of your claims in particular how long your claims take to pay. We pride ourselves in our transparent pricing and will walk you through the fee when presenting your offer. We don’t charge any origination fees, unused line fees, or pre-payment penalties.

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