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Upfront cash for your claims

Flychain enables healthcare providers to receive upfront cash for their third-party payor claims instead of waiting weeks or months for reimbursements.

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Unlock cash tied up in claims and grow your census

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Upfront payments unlock growth
why use flychain?

Better cash flow enables you to grow your census

More cash in the bank

Secure cash in the bank today instead of waiting weeks or months for claims to pay out.

More staff on payroll

More cash on hand means you can hire more staff without worrying about making payroll.

More patients treated

Provide quality care to more patients in your community and grow your business without debt.


Current cash flow solutions aren't good enough.

Invest personal savings

Retirement, college, and rainy day savings ideally should not be tapped into.

Bank line of credit

Agencies are often too small to qualify and even when they do, the line is rarely big enough.

Turn away patients

Leave patients in your community untreated and forego census growth.

Take out non-bank loans

MCAs and other non-bank credit products are often predatory and can leave agencies worse off due to high interest rates.

Reduce wages

Risk increasing staff turnover, which is already a major challenge for the industry.

Flexible options

Flexible early payment options to meet your cash flow needs.

Blanket Coverage

We'll automatically advance you as much as possible for all of your new and outstanding claims. Funds are deposited into your operating account daily.

Set and forget
Whenever you need it

Quick Cash

Draw down whenever you need cash. The line is automatically replenished as your claims are reimbursed. We dynamically adjust your total limit based on outstanding claims.


We help providers grow with peace of mind. Take their word for it.

Apex Home Health Care

Personal home health care for the elderly and in-need

"Cash flow has always been top of mind for us especially with the minimum wage increases in Florida and decreasing Medicare reimbursements. Getting cash in the bank early with Flychain has given us the peace of mind to hire more staff and keep up with our growing census without taking on any debt. I wish we had found Flychain even earlier in our journey. Would highly recommend them!"
John Langley, Founder & CEO

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Payroll custom-built for home health

Payroll protection

Get notified of payroll shortfalls and bridge the gap using Quick Cash.

Earned wage access (EWA)

Enable staff to access money they’ve already earned. Improve staff retention and recruitment.

Mileage reimbursement & bonus allocation

No more tedious configurations and spreadsheet transformations to support your workflows.