Employee retention

Leverage industry best practices to boost employee retention

Annual staff turnover is a major challenge for ABA providers, home health agencies, and providers across healthcare. Leverage industry best practices to boost employee retention to improve your business and the quality of care you deliver.


A crisis for home health agencies

With a staff turnover rate of 22% across home health, it's no wonder that agencies have identified employee retention as a key focus for 2022 and 2023. It gets worse when you consider that hiring and training a replacement costs 16% of the average employee's salary. We'll help you develop a bespoke employee retention plan so you can focus on what you do best: delivering care.


A crisis for ABA providers

While staff turnover is estimated to be 30% across ABA, some providers have reported turnover as high as 75% for RBTs. In addition, it costs $5,000 to replace a BT (hiring and training costs) without even accounting for revenue lost while searching for a replacement. We'll help you develop a bespoke employee retention plan so you can focus on building those precious relationships with your patients.

Develop an employee retention plan tailored to your organization

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Understand your business

We'll ask a few questions to understand your business and current employee offerings.


Customized report

We'll develop a customized report based on leading, industry-specific research on employee retention.


Tailored strategies

We'll propose and help you implement tailored strategies to boost your organization's employee retention.

A comprehensive and holistic assessment

We do a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your business to identify opportunities to improve employee retention. Some of the facets of your business that we consider include:

Salary and pay

Offering competitive pay is one of the best ways to make sure your agency attracts and retains the best staff. We provide pay benchmarking for common roles (e.g. RN, CNA, LPN, home health aide, BT, RBT, BCBA, etc.) and for every state so you know exactly where you stand.


There are numerous benefits that you can offer to employees to show that you care for their well-being. Such benefits include mileage reimbursement, paid time off, health insurance plans, and 401(k) plans. We'll work with you to determine the optimal set of benefits that your employees will value while staying within your budget.

Bonuses & rewards

Bonuses and rewards are a great way to recognize a job well done, boost employee morale, and overall job satisfaction. We'll work with you to develop a tax-compliant, cost-effective bonus program to encourage your employees to keep up the excellent work.

Education & training

Providing continuous education and training shows your employees that you are invested in their personal and professional growth. Such programs also ensure that your staff are up to date with industry best practices, which empowers them to deliver the best possible care to your patients.

Employee feedback

With your consent, we find that having a few casual conversations with some of your employees is incredibly valuable. These conversations often reveal common themes that employees deeply care about and reveal unexpected ways to improve the employee experience without breaking the bank.

Technology & tools

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your technology and operating stack to make sure you're using the best possible tools for your business. Reduce tedious, manual tasks that cause burnout and give your employees more time to focus on what truly matters: delivering quality care.

Our Values

Our values shape everything we do

Pride in our work

We relish and strive for that feeling of a job well done. The quality of our work reflects our deep care for the success of our providers and the wellbeing of their patients.

Customer obsessed

We obsess over the providers that we serve. We never stop thinking about how we can help them improve their business and the quality of care they deliver.

Collective intelligence

We acknowledge that there's always more to learn from teammates, customers, and other stakeholders. We take into account these diverse perspectives when making decisions.


You get what you measure. We apply our metrics-driven mindset to improve our clients' and our own internal processes.

Growth mindset

We have an insatiable desire to learn and grow. We embrace the process and recognize that tough challenges are actually opportunities to improve and develop resilience.

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